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Happy Mother’s Day from Golden Drop

With Mother’s Day only a couple of weeks away…We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our darling mum, Lucy!
Mum was born in Italy and unfortunately lost her own mum to illness when she was quite young, so her dad decided to bring his 2 children to Australia to start a new life back in 1955 amongst thousands of other Italians in post war migration. She was only 13 and could only speak a little bit of English when she arrived and settled into the local area around Mareeba. It’s a pretty bold move for any single dad when you think about it…but his foresight is party of our family history of making the most of things. Well mum went on to meet our dad, Charlie, who was born and bred in Mareeba, at a gathering of families. This was a safe way for young ladies to be courted under the watchful eyes of parents, aunts and uncles…so sweet and innocent!
Mum and dad were both super dedicated and worked hard in the orchard every day with no spare time to get out to school sports days and the like, but family gatherings were the time to stop work and celebrate with everyone…and Sundays were all about the spaghetti made from scratch of course. Mmmm yum!
Mum has always been devoted to us kids, a very kind and caring women who went out of her way to help others when she could. Today she still lives on the farm with her sons, Sam & his wife Jackie, and Dino and his wife Maria. Her whole world is the family and of course the watching the grand kids growing up now that she has a little more time. The best part of life is still having everyone come around for family gatherings…especially Mother’s Day! We love her to bits of course…and think she’s still rocking the glamour as she approaches her 80th birthday!
In celebration of Mother’s Day …we have a lovely Sparkling Cocktail Gift Pack for you to share with your mum, and raise a glass in her honour for all the love and hard yakka these special ladies put in. To help you get it to Mum we will pay the freight for you!! Go on and spoil her…she’s worth it!

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