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Quality Assurance

To produce this lovely unique wine, all mangoes are hand cut to ensure that the flavour remains crisp and intense without the bitter after-taste of the sap contained within the mango skin – a distinct advantage over automated fruit preparation systems.

Because of this manual fruit handling, all of our employees are fully trained in food handling and quality control procedures and standards. They are also supplied with protective clothing and regularly monitored to ensure that hygiene during fruit preparation is kept to the very highest standard expected by our customers.

Following fruit preparation, our wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks for up to 12 months prior to bottling. During this fermentation period, the wines are regularly tested to ensure that they conform to our own standards of quality and hygiene – health standards that are in excess of those generally required for our industry.

Our wines are then bottled and corked in a specially engineered bottling plant which is fully enclosed in a glass cabinet positively pressurised with nitrogen to avoid contamination from bacteria and atmospheric agents such as dust or insects.

The bottled product is then stored in large environmentally controlled cellars prior to shipping.

The Nastasi family are proud of their implementation of "Freshcare" and sustainable Quality Assurance practices.

Our Goals

  • To reduce the “environmental footprint” of our plantation through sustainable and best practice on-farm programs including pest and weed control, water management, and waste management.
  • To optimise the use of fruit from our plantation through environmentally appropriate harvesting and manufacturing processes.
  • To continue to develop our production facilities to improve product quality and efficiency.
  • To trial different variety of mangoes and other fruits in order to identify new product and product varieties.
  • To further increase the employment opportunities that we can offer our local community.