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Cello Martini

If the past few weeks are any indication of the summer we are heading into…it’s definitely time to get your cooling cocktail kit prepped and ready to go.

Our summer go to favourite at Golden Drop is the

Cello Martini
a refreshing pick-me-up …and our variety of citrus cello packs means you can mix a different twist for every occasion

How to make a Cello Martini

Get the party started by chilling down your martini glass in the freezer

…But resist the urge to get in there yourself!

Grab your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice

  • Add 30ml of your favourite gin
  • 30ml of either lemon, lime or mandarin cello
  • 30ml fresh juice to match your cello…lemon, lime or blood orange
  • Add a dash of bitters

Shake it like you mean it to fully chill and strain into your martini glass

Garnish with a wheel of fruit…lemon, lime or blood orange

Now simply breeze through the summer days without raising the slightest sweat.

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